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Mark Pilarski's Strategy Cards

To order Mark Pilarski's Strategy Cards, please send $1 for each card and a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) to:

Mark Pilarski
Attn: Strategy Card
P. O. Box 2085
Petoskey, MI 49770

Our strategy cards are an exceptional value because we offer superior grade printing process, and the thickest laminated pouches available. Considering that most strategy cards can cost up to five times more, you will not find a better value for just one dollar (plus a SASE), or a higher quality card -- anywhere. We guarantee it.


Quality Blackjack Strategy Card

Walk into any casino gift shop and you will find blackjack strategy cards selling for up to $5. No matter what you pay, they are worth every penny. Why? Because by using basic strategy the casino edge is nil. Without it, the house can have up to an 5% advantage with typical play. Our blackjack strategy card will also be useful if you play blackjack online. 

NOTE: You can use this strategy card right on the blackjack table in almost all casinos.



Quality Video Poker Strategy Card

 This is Mark Pilarski's Video Poker Strategy Card for Jacks or Better, non-progressive. Start playing like the pro's and lower the house edge to less than one percent. Bring it right into the casino with you and start playing smart.






Premium Casino Best Bets Strategy Card

This is Mark Pilarski's Best Bets card, which gives you the top wagers you can make in a casino. All bets have a casino edge of less than 2%. Also included on the back are money management tips used by the pro's. Bring it right into the casino with you and start playing smart.





Casino Credit Converter

Mark Pilarski produced a hand-held laminated card called the "Credit Converter" to use as an aid in the casino for those of us fuzzy at math. It figures credits to cash in both nickels (850 credits = $42.50) and quarters instantaneously.





A Promotional Giveaway That Customers Keep Forever

“Everybody loved these cards. I mean everybody.” CORT —A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Do you have an upcoming tradeshow scheduled in a popular casino town like Atlantic City, Reno, or even bigger — “the entertainment capital of the world” — Las Vegas?

These wallet sized Blackjack Strategy cards give you the impact advertising with two-sided, four-color imprint, and the highest-quality 10 mil laminate finish. They are a perfect giveaway for just about any business, tradeshow or fundraiser.  

Blackjack Strategy Card: 2.65 x 3.75 x 10 Mil.

Price Includes: 4-color ink with supplied art work

Minimum Production Time: 10 days 

 E-mail for sample or pricing